Pure Bottled Water

OUR WATER “The Champagne of Water”

Producing high quality drinking water is what Crystal Clear Water is all about.  But it’s not just how pure our water is, it’s much more than that. Once our water has passed through our Sediment and Carbon Filtration Beds,  it is then purified through our Reverse Osmosis System,  producing 99.9% pure water – as pure as it gets.

What sets us apart, is that throughout this process we also adjust our P/H level to 7.5-7.8 giving it a smooth taste. Finally we add oxygen to the water by way of Ozonation,  giving it a lively taste, hence “The Champagne of Water.”


Once our water is ready to go, it is then bottled in our BPA free bottles. Why BPA Free bottles, because we feel these bottles are the safest bottles to use in our industry, and our water and our customers should receive no less.

We understand the importance of using a clean sterilized bottle for your water. Any bottles that are brought into our bottling facility that are “suspicious” are removed and put in the recycling bin.

Each bottle is checked thoroughly before being loaded into our fully automated bottle washer, filler, and capping machine. This machine is equipped with a five stage cleaning process resulting in a fully sanitized bottle. Once the bottle is thoroughly cleaned it is then automatically filled and capped in the self-contained pressurized clean room. It is now ready to be delivered for you to enjoy.

Water Dispensers   

Crystal Clear Water offers you convenient easy -to- use water coolers fully equipped with a non-spill sealed top, eliminating any water spills and providing a more hygienically safe environment for your drinking water.

With a variety to choose from, select a water cooler that best suits your needs. Included with our flexible, low cost rental rates, Crystal Clear Water is responsible for any repairs or maintenance that the water cooler may require.

Cook & Cold Water Cooler

Cook & Cold Water Cooler

Serves room temperature water for cooking, and chilled water to crack the toughest thirst.

Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Hot water is dispensed at 185°F for tea, instant soup or coffee, while cold water is dispensed ice cold. A childproof handle is standard on the hot tap.

Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Ceramic Crock with Oak Stand

The natural elements of porcelain and oak combined to form a classic design. (Designer models available – call for selection)

Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Dolphin Pump

Dispense as quickly or slowly as you like, simply push down on the top of the pump. No batteries required, no drips or leaks.


“While bottled water is our product, service is our business. Our customers’ needs are important, and we go out of our way to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.”

In today’s fast-paced world, good old-fashioned customer service is often overlooked, but at Crystal Clear Water the customer always comes first. From our computerized routing system detailing customer needs, and our courteous delivery drivers, to our friendly and dependable office staff – you will always be in good hands.

Once you have been set up as a customer, we’ll make sure you never run dry. You’ll be given a delivery schedule that will show you the exact dates you’ll receive your water delivery. For the homes, simply put your empties out by your front door, and the delivery driver will leave a delivery receipt with your full bottles. If you forget to put your empties out, just give us a telephone call and we’ll try to arrange a special delivery for you. Simply put, the delivery service is convenient and hassle free.

In addition, we also offer an established cooler cleaning program, making sure your cooler is always clean so you can truly enjoy the quality of our water.

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