Filtration Coolers

What are Filtration Coolers? 

Our filtration coolers, which we install for businesses only, look just like a regular cooler but without the bottle on top. We simply tap into your existing water line, usually under the sink in your lunchroom, run a water line to the back of the water cooler, where the water passes through our extensive filter package, then dispenses from the cooler.


Advantages to the Filtration Coolers

The main advantage to these coolers is that you only pay a monthly fixed cost, which in some cases can be less expensive than bottled water. There are no bottles to store or change. The cooler is sanitized and the filter package is changed every six months.

Also, with Crystal Clear Water there are no long term contracts or automatic renewing of  contracts, which most companies have you sign, so your best interest is always put first.

Disadvantages of Filtration Coolers

We don’t feel we would be doing our job if we didn’t present all the facts about filtration coolers. Crystal Clear Water has always been committed to providing the best possible drinking water to our customers with our bottled water,  and there are simply some things you cannot do with filtration coolers.

The quality of filtered water in the industry as a whole is not the same as bottled water for several reasons:
1) There is no ozone (sterilization) in the filtration process
2) PH level is low (acidic water)
3) Water is not tested daily for quality control
4) Filtration system is not tested daily for quality control

Depending on installation, you may be required to get a plumbing permit if the water line needs to run through the ceiling of a building. Failure to do so may result in loss of insurance coverage if there happens to be a water leak.

As well, many of these filters are not green and end up in the landfill resulting in more waste.

Whether you choose bottled water or a filtration system, Crystal Clear Water would be happy to discuss which option would best suit your needs and fit your budget.

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